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Travel back in time with your friends by hiring arcade game machines for your party in Melbourne. 

60 in 1 games

Ms Pacman Galaga Frogger Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong 3     Galaxian Dig Dug Crush Mr. Do Space Invaders Pacman Galaga3 Gyruss Tank battalion Ladybug Millipede Burger Time JR Pacman Mappy Pengo 1942 Centipede Phoenix Time Pilot Super Cobra Hustler Space Panic Super Breakout New Rally X Arkanoid Qix Juno First Xevious Mr. Do’s Castle Moon Cresta       Pinball Action Scramble Super Pacman  Bomb Jack Shao-Lin’s Road King & Ballon 1943 Van-Van Car Pac-Man Plus Dig Dug 2 Amidar Zaxxon Pooyan Pleiads Gun Smoke The End 1943 Congo Bongo Jumping Jack Ms. Pac-Man
(Fast Mode) Pac-Man (Fast Mode) Galaga (Rapid Fire Mode) Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode) Pac-Man Plus(Fast Mode)  

The Upright Multicade Day hire $200 ; Overnight hire $250

3000 Games Ranging from early arcade games to Nintendo 64 and Gameboy advanced games

Cocktail Tables $150 day hire;  $200 to hire overnight

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Arcade Game Hire Melbourne

Why Your Party Needs an Arcade Game Hire from Our Melbourne Company

You can elicit conversation, entertainment and competitiveness with our arcade game hire in Melbourne. Whether you are having a birthday party, corporate event or engagement celebration, our arcade machine will entertain and take you back in time with some classic games such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and more. We have more than 3000 games you can hire for the day or overnight.

Benefits of an Arcade Hire in Melbourne

Consider these benefits of an arcade game.

  • Improve communication: You are sure to create conversation and keep your party lively when everyone is talking about playing a classic arcade game. Regardless of whether you are at an office party or have invited new friends to your event, a common interest is the perfect way to increase team-building skills and communication.

  • Create competition: You can impose a bit of friendly rivalry amongst your friends and bring a bit of healthy competition to your party with a fun arcade game. If you want to make things truly interesting, then have a prize at the end of the night for the person with the highest score, and you can guarantee that people will be reluctant to leave your event.

  • Relieve stress and tension: Arcade games are an ideal tension reliever at workplaces as they add a bit of fun into what can be a stressful job. Your employees will enjoy the break from thinking about work and having these machines at your end of a year office party is sure to be a hit. 

Related Services We Provide to Arcade Machine Hire in Melbourne

We have a large selection of party hire equipment including:

  • Mechanical bull: You can test your balance and have fun with our mechanical bull hire. We provide safety mats and an experienced operator so each party-goer can ride the bull at their own skill level. This ride is suitable for adults and kids.

  • Jumping castles: We can help you select the ideal castle for your event. Our range of jumping equipment includes Disney theme castles that are perfect for children’s birthday parties. We also have adults castles, sumo suits and a bungee run.

  • Karaoke machine: Your party can have some upbeat music with our easy to use karaoke machine. Our equipment is a push-button touch screen machine with more than 2500 tracks and you are sure to find some songs that you love to sing.

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Our company is Australian owned, and we provide high-quality entertainment equipment such as bouncy castles, arcade and karaoke machines, water slides and more. Our staff are experienced in the setup and running of all our equipment and provide excellent customer service to ensure that you get the most value out of your party hire. We have been working in the events industry for more than five years and can help you create a fun-filled celebration with a single equipment hire or a package deal. Contact us today to hire your arcade machine and more.

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