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Hire our dunk tank for your next event at your school, sporting club, work or other celebration and have the satisfaction of dunking your teacher, principal, coach, boss or even mum and dad! 

$300.00 DAY HIRE 



Dunk Tank Hire Melbourne

Bring the Carnival to Your Backyard with Dunk Tank Hire in Melbourne

There’s no doubt that your event will be fun if you decide on dunk tank hire in Melbourne, Australia. Is it appropriate for the age group attending, and are you prepared for the fun? Weigh out the pros and cons before making a splash with a dunking machine in Melbourne. 

Benefits of a Dunk Tank from Melbourne Castle Hire

There are numerous reasons to rent a dunk tank from Melbourne Castle Hire. If you aren’t already convinced, these benefits will make the decision clear.

  • You can trust the equipment you hire. Manufacturers make our dunk tanks from high quality Australian products; your dunk tank will be one of the best available in Melbourne. We maintain our equipment regularly and clean it with a hospital-grade cleaner. 
  • Dunk tanks are a unique option in party hire equipment. Your event is sure to stand out and draw a lot of participation. Everyone will want to watch as the anticipation increases with someone waiting to fall into the water.
  • It is an excellent addition to any of the other party equipment available for hire at Melbourne Castle Hire. Increase the fun and hire multiple attractions to add variety to your party. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Dunking Machine Hire in Melbourne

Dunking machines can be exhilarating and exciting, but without practising proper supervision, they could become a hazard. 

  • You must have a trained professional available to operate the tank. Fortunately, our staff aren’t merely expected to bring the equipment – they also bring party experience to keep your event safe.
  • One of the safety risks involved with dunk tanks is the chance that a participant could drown. Make sure that all of your guests are aware that they must know how to swim to use the dunk tank. 
  • There may be a permit your need to acquire to have a dunk tank in your backyard. Check with your local government before you contact us to rent party equipment. Preparation is critical when deciding to hire a dunking machine.

Provided you make sure that you keep safety a priority, there is no reason that you can’t enjoy the fun of dunking your friends or family and splash up some well-deserved laughter. Get soaked and have a blast by contacting Melbourne Castle Hire for your next party. 

About Melbourne Castle Hire

We are a local Melbourne party hire equipment service that has been in the industry for the last five years. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and providing Australian safety standard compliant equipment to suit your party needs. We offer competitive prices for party hire equipment to make your next event fun and affordable.

I’m sure by now you have someone in mind you’d like to try your luck at dunking. Do yourself and your guests a favour and give them an experience that they’ll always remember. Hire your dunk tank in Melbourne or explore the other fun attractions for hire at Melbourne Castle Hire.


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