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Hire our easy-to-use, push button touch screen karaoke machines with over 2,500 tracks. We supply a list of songs with numbers next to each song Just push the number to the song you like and sing away 🙂

This type of machine is very useful for the karaoke enthusiast because the different features on the machine have been designed to help you in your singing.

Best to see what specifications you require from karaoke machines well before you start looking for one to hire. This way you will be able to narrow your search without getting tied up in many details that will not be of any use for you. So where can you begin your search for karaoke machines without spending a lot of money.

Well you can ask your friends what they recommend as far choosing the right party company to hire a karaoke. The advice they give you will hopefully be based upon their experiences and you may not agree with all of this information. However since they are letting you share the benefits of their karaoke hiring knowledge, the very least that you can do is to listen to what they say.

Now after you have heard what they might have to say you can begin your search in another place.

Better yet, shop around for the most effective karaoke , then come back to us, let us know the specs and the price quoted by our competitor….and we will beat their price or come up with a package that you’re satisfied with.

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Overnight Hire From: $200


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Karaoke Hire Melbourne

Bring Some Life to Your Gatherings with a Karaoke Hire in Melbourne

Everyone loves a singalong, and you can bring that to your party with a karaoke hire in Melbourne. Maybe you’ve tried it before, but you couldn’t quite get your computer to hook up to the TV and make it work, so the process got you too knackered to continue with it. Fortunately, we’ve got an easy way that you can do it right and get it working–no drama.

What Sets Melbourne Castle Hire Apart Regarding Melbourne Karaoke Hire

We’re primed to help you make the most of your party with a greatkaraoke machine in Melbourne. Here are a few ways we’re a cut above:

  • Our team’s a group that gets energised working with fun people of all ages. Whether it’s a kiddo’s birthday party, an office holiday get-together, or when you’re hosting a ripper party with your mates, we’re there to help you work the machine and get everyone into the fun.
  • We use high-quality Australian-made equipment, so you know it’ll keep working throughout the night. We’ll bring everything we need to get the sound going loud and make sure that your group all gets a go at the microphone.
  • We’ve got a great selection of music for you to choose from–break out some classic hits, look at today’s top 40, or even sing those Disney hits that never seem to go away. Let the group meet your inner diva when you tell us which songs turn you into a real beauty.

What we’re on about is spreading the good times, so the one thing you know for sure when you work with us is that there will be smiles and laughter.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Jukebox Hire in Melbourne

We all know it takes more than a singing machine to get a party raging. Try one of these tips to take things to the next level:

  • Make it a little more serious by starting a competition and see who can truly belt out the hits. Choose a couple of judges for your event, then let everyone take their turn. At the end of the evening, choose a winner and let them wear the crown for the evening.
  • It’d be selfish to keep those performances to yourself, so pull out your phone and start recording. To make sure that your friends get the recognition they deserve, put the videos up on Facey and don’t forget to tag them!
  • We’ve got heaps more than karaoke machines, so you can add in a few more hires to the mix. Our package deals give you several options while keeping your costs lower. Depending on the type of event you’re running, we can help you get the perfect package to make everyone happy.

Why Melbourne Castle Hire Is Cost-Effective


We want to make sure that everyone we work with has a great time, whether they’re renting a bouncy castle, karaoke machine, or a mechanical bull. You’ll find just what you need here, no matter what event you’re hosting, and you’ll find it at an affordable price. Contact us to get help putting together the perfect package to impress your guests and make your event one to remember.

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