Jumping Castles

Add some inflatable fun to your kid’s birthday party with a huge range of jumping castles to choose from!

Three sizes to choose from!

Free delivery & installation within surrounding suburbs!

Click on the images below to see their description!

Under The Sea 3 x 3

Our great under the sea 3×3 jumping castle (Three meters long, three meters wide. 2.9 meters in height).

This lovely standard little toddlers’ jumping castle is not only great for them but is also great for boys christening, or your baby shower.

As it is under the sea it can also be great for pirate theme or little mermaid.

You can’t go wrong with this at all, $150 day hire, $200 over night

Fun In The Jungle 3 x 3

This little amazing 3×3 jungle of fun jumping castle for hire (three metres long three metres wide 2.9 metres in height), also comes with little obstacle course inside to make it more  interesting.

Not only do toddlers can have fun but the parents would be able to assist their little ones to jump as it is an open jumping castle.

This is great for any themed party’s our day hire is $150, overnight hire $200.

Frozen JUmper 4 x 4

The frozen jumping castle is among our best hires ever and for one good reason , that is because it guarantees hours of endless of  fun activities not only for children but also for adults.

They all get to enjoy all this fun  alongside Queen Elsa, Princess Anna,  How awesome is that!.

$150 day hire

overnight hire $200

Unisex 4 x 4
Toy Story 4x4
Scooby Doo 4x4
Tinkelbell 4x4
Cars 4x4
Disney Princess 4x4
Mickey Mouse 4 x 4
Batman 5x5 Style 1
Frozen 5x5 Style 2
Minions 5mx5m Style 2
Dora 5 x 5

Ola Dora fans!

Let Dora take your children on a journey of their life, that they will be talking about for a long time.

Not only is this the best option for the Dora fans, there is also endless of fun activates!

$180 day hire,

overnight hire $230

Planes 5 x 5

This jumping castle is an amazing Disney Themed Planes, for any ages, birthday party, school function or fete.

This lovely planes jumping castle will not only put big smiles to your childrens’ faces but can also be  yours to hire at only $180 day hire, overnight hire $230

Scooby Doo 5 x 5

Scooby Doo and the mystery ink in your very own backyard for your children’s party!

Scooby, Scooby Doo you have to, not only will this jumping castle bring endless fun but includes also mystery that’ll always be laying behind us.

$180 day hire

overnight $230

Nemo 6mx5m
Scooby Doo 6mx5m
Toy Story 6 x 5
Unisex 6mx5m
Mickey Mouse 6mx5m
Avengers 6 x 5

All of our favourite super heroes on the one jumping castle? You can’t go wrong with that!

Come on a hero jumping journey


$220 day hire

overnight hire $270

Frozen 6 x 5

The frozen is among our best hires ever and for good reason too…. because it guarantees hours of endless fun and activities. 

We’ll even include a slide so all your kids get to enjoy all this fun  alongside Queen Elsa, Princess Anna,.

How awesome is that !Have a cold royal time.

$220 day hire,

overnight hire $270

Justice League 6 x 5

Our amazing Justice League, large jumping castle ( 6m x 5m), is the perfect castle for our brave superheroes,

Plenty of room to practice their superhero jumps. The Justice League characters are ready to welcome more superheros with smiles and such bravery from the Green Lantern Superman, Batman, Flash and even Wonder Woman!

$220 day hire,

overnight hire $270


Tinker Bell 6 x 5

We’d like to welcome you all to our beautiful fairies.

A beautiful jumping castle you can hire for your girl’s party.

Kids imagine they’re fluttering above a beautiful field of all different types of flowers with this amazing Disney Fairies jumping castle, the perfect jumping castle for any fairy in training.


$220 day hire

$270 over night

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6 x 5

Cowabunga dudes, our all-time favourite teenage mutant ninja turtles are here to keep us going with this amazing jumping castle.

So many activates dudes!


$220 day hire

$270 overnight


Disney Princess 6 x 5

For all  you little princesses out there, why not join all of our princesses on a royal journey of your life.

This particular jumping castle has a little obstacle course inside for all our little royal jumpers.Truly a royal experience 🙂


$220 day hire

overnight hire $270