Our big blue dry waterslide hire isn’t just for children, it can also be for adults. The whole family can have loads of fun on our big blue dry slide.

It’s one of our most popular slides yet. Not only can you have loads of fun with your family at school fetes or event but even from the comfort of your very  own backyard

Don’t miss out on this awesome fun! Give us a call now.

Day hire $400

Overnight hire $450

Kids Water slide

When it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party, there are a variety of exciting and interesting features that can turn it into a day to remember.

Our water slide can not only put smiles on everyone’s faces , it can also bring more countless of endless fun.

Our blue red water slide also comes with a pool at the end.

Not only you can slide down but you’re welcome to have a dip. You can’t go wrong with that.

$300 day hire

overnight hire $350.


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