Jumping Castles

Add some inflatable fun to your kid's party with our huge range of jumping castles. Whether they love Elsa, or Spiderman, or every Disney character ever.. you can't go wrong..

Adult Inflatables

Giant Slide & Jumping Castles for big kids, and adults. Slide, or bounce the night away, at your 18th, 21st or 50th birthday celebration.

Dunk Tanks

Hire a tank for your next school, club or work event, and get the satisfaction of dunking your teacher, coach or boss. Perfect for fundraisers.


Slushie Machines

Perfect addition to any kids party, or add some grown up potions and enjoy daiquiris on tap! Nothing like a refreshing slushie when celebrating the holidays in the Aussie sunshine

Sumo Suit Sets

Sumo suits are a must have for all parties! Great fun indoors or outdoors. Suits sized for kids and adults.
Release some energy and share a laugh.

Game Tables

Back to basics. Simple, old school irl games. Classic party favourites from way back. A perfect addition to any event.

mechanical bull hire melbourne

The Mechanical Bulls

Built both for adults and kids, the mechanical bull is the next best thing to the real one. This is a MUST-have party equipment for every party & event.


Sticky Walls

Popularised by David Letterman, our sticky wall will thrill your guests as they attempt to stick to the surface while wearing fitted "sticky suits".

Bungee Runs

'Think you're ready for the race of your life? Bungee Run is an inflatable party equipment built to be among the safest but total pure fun party-booster


Kids Water Slides

The kids' water slide with pool is a great way to slide and splash for hours from the very comfort of your backyard. (slides also available without pool )

Fairy Floss Machines

A better way to enjoy lollies or candies in a spun , soft cotton-like sweetness. Make as many as you like by hiring this easy-to-use fairy floss machine


Popcorn Machines

Popcorn here and there, party fun everywhere, kids and adults full of laughter. Hire our machine, we'll deliver to an event you'll always remember.

Arcade Game Machines

Travel back in time with your friends by hiring arcade game machines for your Melbourne party. 60 games in 1 e.g. Ms Pacman Galaga Frogger Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong 3 PLUS MANY MORE

Karaoke Machines

Hire our easy-to-use, push button touch screen karaoke machines with over 2,500 tracks. We supply a list of songs with numbers next to each song Just push the number to the song you like and sing away 🙂

Water Slide Hire Melbourne 

Melbourne Castle Hire Provides Water Slide Hire

Melbourne Castle Hire offers party equipment for celebrations of all sizes and all ages, and that includes water slide hire in Melbourne. Perfect for children’s parties. An inflatable water slide will give your young ones fun and happy memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. With our rates and the package deals we can offer, hiring a water slide from us will not break the bank.

What You Can Expect From Melbourne Castle Hire Regarding Inflatable Water Slide Hire

When you are looking to hire a water slide or any other party equipment for your celebration, you want two things: items that will help your guests to have the best time possible and reasonable prices. That is what we want as well and here is how we will give it to you:

  • With our experience both in party hire, childcare and entertainment, we know how to source the safest, highest quality American and Australian made party equipment to offer our customers.
  • We keep our prices competitive and offer custom package deals that come generous discounts. If you find the same package from a competitor at a lower price, we will beat that price, no matter what.
  • With all the items we offer, you can get a lot more than just a waterslide for your gathering. You might even find items that you did not know you needed until now.

Related Services We Provide to Water Jumping Castle Hire in Melbourne

Our water slide hire in Melbourne is only one of the many items we can offer to turn your next get together into something your guests won’t soon forget. Given our name, you can probably guess one of the related items we offer – inflatable jumping castles. We have several models as well as other inflatable amusements, like our Bungee Runs and Velcro Wall.  Here are a few of the other items we can offer for your next party:

  • Can’t forget about the food and drinks. Add a carnival-style Popcorn Popper and Fairy Floss Machine to spoil your guests. We also provide Slushy Machines, with your choice of two flavours. For adult parties, you can even add your own alcohol.
  • Wow your video game-loving guests with one of our arcade game machines. Our custom upright models come with 3000 games, ranging from vintage arcade games, to Nintendo 64 and Gameboy advanced games. The Cocktail Table comes with 60 classic arcade games installed.
  • To take your party to the next level, we even offer Mechanical Bull hire. This specialised machine requires a supervisor provided by us, and it is a unique experience that your guests will never forget.

About Melbourne Castle Hire


Melbourne Castle Hire is a product of lots and lots of hard work and determination. From a *Relfex box filing system*, to the most technologically and ___ advanced company around. Leading the industry into the future by combining the safety, comfort and convenience of online booking and payment plans, with a lovely team of genuine people who are really committed to what they do. They consider their jobs to be about bringing happiness and joy to the world. They mix business with pleasure and take fun very seriously. Their always working towards making the hiring process as streamline and straight forward as possible, from start to finish.  Melbourne Castle Hire has evolved impressively in its short life and is a true testiment to inner strength, team work and friendship. They survived the *end of the world* and now, more than ever, Melbourne needs quality party supply services and friendly faces. These guys take pride in their customer relations and having a trusted network within the community.  With over 10 years of experience in the industry, a diverse crew,  and commitment to their customers and to Australian safety standards, you can count on them to do everything they can to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible, no matter the size or season. 

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